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What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is a once daily drink that promotes healthy blood sugar levels, regulates blood pressure, cholesterol and lipid levels while also resulting in dramatic weight loss.

Plexus Slim is the most natural way to lose weight and is safe without any added stimulants. Everyone who uses Plexus Slim reports that they feel great taking it and that while this alone is great, the weight loss and health benefits are a huge bonus as well.

Explore all of the exciting testimonials and weight loss results on this site. All of the images and stories are from real Plexus Slim users!

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – Leigh Lost 60 Pounds!!!

Plexus Testimonial - 144

Leigh says – I have struggled with my weight since I was a child. I have tried every diet out there including weight watchers, nutrisystem, Atkins…you name it, I tried it! I even went as far as trying hypnosis & acupuncture…nothing ever worked!! I suffered from high BP, anxiety/depression & sleep apnea. I started Plexus Slim on June 5th of this year & it is the first thing that has EVER worked for me….I feel better, stronger & healthier!!! I’ve lost 60lbs in weight loss & numerous inches so far. I’m even sleeping better. I’m more active…. I actually want to experience life again!!! I now eat to live instead of live to eat! Without a doubt, Plexus has given me a chance to finally experience a full, happy & healthy life!!!

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – Neeley Lost 19.8 Pounds!!!

Plexus Testimonial - 143

Neeley says – Praise the Lord!! My Name is Neeley, I am 32 years old and a mommy of four amazing girls…
I started my plexus journey March of 2014.. I have struggled with my weight all my life up down up down. I hit my highest weight of 260+ in the summer of 2010. In June of that year I got terribly sick at church and on June 23 I was rushed to the hospital after throwing up blood.. lots of blood on the morning of June 24 2010 my husband will tell you I died in his arms… The doctors told him I had an ulcer that had perforated the main artery behind my stomach. The effect was the same as being shot point blank. After 8 blood transfusions and lots of prayer I came home…. I had to get healthy...

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – Courtney Lost 111 Pounds!!!

Plexus Testimonial - 140

Courtney says – Sept 2013 I started my journey with Plexus…I was 25, a mother of a almost 2 year old, and the biggest I’ve EVER been at 319 lbs… I am so proud to say today I am 111 lbs lighter in weight loss at 208lbs.. I feel so much better, I can keep up with my now 2 year old and did I mention the loss of 111lbs!!!!!.I’m still going strong and I have Plexus products, plexus slim to thank for that, along with support.

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – Shanda Lost 19 lbs & 28 Inches!

Plexus Testimonial - 138

Shanda says ~ Plexus Journey to a Healthier Me!

I started Plexus on September 14, 2013. I was very skeptical since I have tried every diet and diet product out there and nothing has worked! I even had lap band surgery and had nothing but problems and had to have it removed in 2012.
I am here to tell you that I feel like a new person! So far I have lost 19 pounds in weightloss and 28 inches! I feel better than I have felt in years! I have not changed anything except started taking Plexus products! I eat normal but with the Plexus slim and accelerator, I am able to eat less and don’t have cravings! I can actually stop eating when I am full instead of cleaning my plate!
Plexus has been life changing! The products are amazing! I have also added the Bio Cleanse, ProBio5 and XFactor! I use th...

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – Andrew Lost 23 Pounds!!!

Plexus Testimonial - 137

Andrew Says ~ Just 3 months on Plexus Slim and I feel great. Down 23 lbs in weight loss, down 3-4 pant sizes, a lot of energy, and on and on.. All with little exercise (walking up and down house stairs, yard work, normal everyday stuff). No “working out”. I eat what I normally eat (we are trying to get away from processed foods) but Plexus Slim suppresses my appetite. So glad my wife “talked” me into starting on plexus products. I had nothing to lose but the weight by trying it.

Now I have to start training to run the Ragnar in Feb 2014!! Which I have the energy to do now thanks to Plexus Slim. I definitely will be wearing a Plexus shirt when I run the race.

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Brittany says – Tomorrow marks 2 months since I started taking Plexus and I am having so many amazing results. The very first day I took Plexus I noticed a difference in the way I felt. I have more energy then I have in years and I sleep so much better at night. I also noticed that I no longer felt as achy after standing at work all day. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my mood and I seem to have a lot more patience with my sometimes trying toddler. Before starting Plexus I had a binge eating problem. I would eat healthy all day and at night I would ruin all my hard work by eating junk food I was craving...

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – Angela Lost 15 Pounds in 5 Weeks!

Plexus Testimonial - 129

Angela says – Here is my before and during….not before and after because I still have a long way to go!!

I am just amazed at the results from my 1st 5 weeks! I have gone from an ALL DAY DR.PERRPER DRINKER to an ALL DAY WATER DRINKER. I was very skeptical because I could not function without my Dr Pepper and the caffeine. Boy, was I wrong! By the 4th… day I didn’t even want a soda.

Another benefit is my clothes are fitting much better. I have already had to retire many shirts and pants to the donation bin and I am fitting in clothes that I haven’t worn in a while. SO EXCITING!! Now I am ready to shop for new clothes.

LOOK!! These pictures don’t lie!! I have lost a whole chin and look at my neck!!! I can’t get over it……this is one happy Plexus user and Ambassador! 15 pounds in weight loss!

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – David Lost 60 Pounds!!!

Plexus Testimonial - 127

David says – 310 pounds in the picture on the right… taken on July 4, 2013. The picture on the left was taken after being on Plexus Slim & accelerator for 10 weeks… and I’m down 60 pounds in weight loss and counting. Thank you Plexus Products!!!

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – Cassandra in Only 1 Month!

Plexus Testimonial - 124

Cassandra says – So today marks 31 days that I have been on Plexus Slim and Accelerator pills. Today I started taking my Bio Cleanse pills and going to take my ProBio5 at night. I wanted to see what Slim and Accelerator were going to do on it’s own. I really let my body get out of control, I had actually lost lots of weight last summer but put it all back on after a couple months after I quit working out. So today I’m at 9.5 lbs in weight loss and I have two embarrassing photos to show you. The one on left is day 1 of taking plexus and the one on the right is from today March 20, 2014...

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Plexus Slim Testimonial – Kamie Lost 70 lbs. in 5 Months!

Plexus Testimonial - 123

Kamie Says ~ Weight loss is 70 lbs in 5 months! 12 inches off my waist and many more inches other places! I tried this dress on and cried in the dressing room because it has been a long time since I liked what I saw in the mirror. I used to cry because I would have to ask for a size bigger…this time I said can you bring the next size down! How exciting is that!! Plexus has changed my life! So thankful!

I take Plexus Slim and Accelerator + , Plexus 96 Chocolate, X factor, and ProBio5

I eat 1200 calories a day and drink half my weight in ounces of water. I just started working out again about a month ago!

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