Plexus Slim Testimonial – Lost 55 lbs.!

Plexus Testimonial - 55


Autumn says ~ This is my mom and plexus has changed her life she has lost 55 lbs and several inches!!!

Plexus Slim Testimonial – Summer Lost over 50 Pounds!

Plexus Testimonial - 52


Summer says – All I can say is WOW> I’m so THANKFUL for all that Plexus has done for me. I started taking the Slim and Accelerator back in July 2013. I was like a lot of people.. yeah right there is no way this is going to work like they say it does! Oh man was I wrong! In the 1st week I lost 10″ over all! then 3 weeks later I was up to 32″ lost. I am sleeping better at night, I have awesome energy during the day to get work done and keep up with my almost 2 year old son! I also used to have tummy troubles.. no more! I wouldn’t change my decision to take Plexus Slim for the world! I LOVE IT!!!! As of today I have lost over 50lbs and countless inches. I went from a size tight 16 jean to a loose 12, almost a 10 in that short amount of time!!! THANK YOU PLEXUS!!!!



Jessica says – Alright…I would normally never do this…do you hear me…never.. because it’s super embarrassing and I’m very self conscious about the way I look…to the point that I’m about to cry just posting this.. I have an 18 month ol,d and I have never lost the baby weight from having him. I am a teacher. In Summer of 2012, I had to move classrooms (while 8 months pregnant) and I began teaching a new grade level. My husband and I bought and moved into a new house, had a baby, and my oldest child became very sick all within a 6 week period. There were weeks I would be at the dr’s office 3 or 4 times. Everything piled on top of me and I couldn’t take it all. I was extremely stressed, and I ate as a way to calm my nerves. I’m not going to put my starting weight because I’m still too embarrassed, but know that it was a lot. I started Plexus on Jan. 1 2014, but forgot to take a picture until January 4. I am completely “letting it all hang out” in BOTH of these pictures. I’m blowing my stomach out as far as it will go. Normally when I’m around people, I always suck it in, so I don’t know that anyone has actually seen how big I was. The second picture was taken this past Saturday. So far, I have lost 10 lb. I don’t know how many inches, but I have already gone down a pants size. I bought jeans at Christmas that were a size too small intentionally, and I can already wear them. I am taking Plexus, drinking a gallon of water a day, and walking 4 times a week. I cheat every Sunday…really bad cheating!


Shayla says – I’m 75% to my goal loss of 20 lbs shed! Thanks Plexus! I began my journey in October 2013, I have been able to shed 15 lbs and 18 inches. I take 1 Plexus Slim daily in very lukewarm water along with 2 X-Factor vitmains. 1 or 2 Accelerator+, depending upon whether I remember them! I use 2 BioCleanse twice daily if I’m in “kill off Candida mode” or not and 2-4 ProBio5 at night. I exercise, only because I feel so fantastic that I actually WANT to exercise and have started eating more and more cleanly, veggies, salads, more protein etc… again, only because I WANT to eat cleanly now, not because I have to. I love how I feel, I have so much more energy to keep up with my teenage homeschoolers. Plexus has helped me desire the right way to live!



Angela says~ 80 Pounds gone Thanks to Plexus!!


Plexus Slim Testimonial – Katy

Plexus Testimonial - 49


Katy says – when I started plexus I weighed 150. After a month and a half I dropped down to 137. Two months later I am down to 130! I have been off plexus for one month and maintained my weight. I have more energy then before.

Plexus Slim Testimonial – Erika

Plexus Testimonial - 43


Erika says – Take a good look at the girl on the left….. Unfortunately that was the very miserable, sickly, fluffy girl trapped in a body that wasn’t so fun being inside. It’s truly amazing how much a Pink Drink and a few accelerator capsules could change someone’s life so drastically! Nope, my journey wasn’t easy like others but it surely was worth it.
Thank you Plexus for giving me my life back!

Plexus Slim Testimonial – John

Plexus Testimonial - 41

Chloe says-

This is my husband before and during Plexus Slim !
In just 5 weeks he lost 20 lbs and 4 inches ! John has been on many diets off and on through the years but Plexus was so easy and the most healthy way of loosing weight!

He still has a long way to go but we are so happy with Plexus !!





Maree says ~ I began taking Plexus Slim/Accelerator+ combo on Dec. 12, 2013. This is when I took my picture on the left. About a week later I added BioCleanse to make sure I’m always detoxing. The week around Christmas I didn’t lose but I didn’t gain either! Started losing about a pound per week (very healthy speed). It totally curbs all my cravings for junk food, sweets, and wine even! Around Jan. 8th I added X-factor in the morning and ProBio5 at night. I think vitamins are important anyways, and the probiotics have always been encouraged for good health. I want to make sure I’m making the best scenario for me to achieve the best success. I have lost a total of 7 lbs in 5 weeks, but clearly a good amount of inches! The pics on the right are yesterday (Jan. 18, 2014) This last week I lost 2 lbs, where the other weeks were 1 lb. I don’t know if that’s because of the added X-factor and ProBio5 or just coincidence. We shall see. But so far, I’m very happy with the products, I love them! They make willpower to be healthy 10x easier and I feel great taking them!


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Brianna says ~ Since having my second child, I have gone up and down in weight. I topped off at 192 pounds. I was walking, exercising, and dieting. A little would come off then it would go back on. I started Plexus September 17, 2013. Since then, I have lost 19 pounds and many inches. I still walk and try to keep in mind what I eat but I can eat pizza and not put on three pounds the next day. Plexus helps me control how much and what I eat. The pictures in the black dress were taken last night, Dec. 5. It felt good to put on a dress and feel good about myself. Thank you, Plexus!




Kim says ~ I still can’t believe my results with Plexus! I bought Plexus from my good friend on Aug. 17, 2013, fully intending to mail it back in 30 days for my $ back. Little did I know what this little drink would do for me!
I have POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome), which basically means my heart speeds up so fast when I stand up, I could pass out. I would walk on a tread mill and my Heart rate would be 160-180 just walking. I was able to control this with a beta blocker to slow my heart rate. The side effects caused me to gain weight. However, I could not get off the medicine. I stated taking Plexus in Aug at 147 and 3 months later I am 134 and feel great! The accelerator does not effect my heart rate! Here is the biggest break through: I am starting to decrease my Beta blocker! I am not havering heart racing and I am not getting dizzy (which is another POTS thing). I hope to be completely off soon.
My other break through is Sonic Happy hour COKES!! I would get one everyday!!
Now, I don’t want coke, in fact I think they taste bad. This was such a habit that I have pulled subconsciously into the Sonic driveway twice since starting Plexus.
This really works, Amazing!
Thanks Plexus!


Sheri says ~ I take 1 Plexus Slim pink drink, 2 accelerator pills, and 2 BioCleanse daily. Steady losing inches and pounds thanks to Plexus



eric2Erica says ~ 6months and down 63lbs. For the majority of the time I only took slim and 2 accelerators every morning and tried to drink half of my body weight in ounces of water daily. For the past month I have added in bio cleanse and pro bio 5. I try to watch what I eat but have not been on a strict diet. I didn’t do any exercise at first but have walked 1-2 times a week for the last 2 months. Plexus is just simply amazing!


Laura says ~ PLEXUS SLIM has changed my life!!! I am so excited to share with anyone who will listen. I have lost 40 pounds in 2 months and 12 days!!! And I feel Amazing!! 40 pounds to go!




Ashley says ~ Omg.. I can’t believe I’m about to post this!!! I truly didn’t think that Plexus was going to work for me (you can tell by how crazy I look in the first few pictures, lol!) because I have hypothyroidism and nothing else has ever worked. I was skinny as a rail (we’re talking 104-120 lbs) most of my adult life. In 2007 I quit smoking (yay me!) and my dr told me that such a big life change probably triggered my hypothyroidism, as it changed the way I managed stress. I have packed on 50-60 lbs over the years since, Even when I watched what I ate, and even when I was very physically active. I am NOT a diet pill person. My mom is an RN, and I know how terrible the effects of those things are. I have known the lady who told me about Plexus since kindergarten, and she is also a nurse, so I decided to give it a go.. (strongly based on Angela Dawn Grimes’ hypothyroidism testimony!) I take Slim & 2 Accelerators in the morning, 2 Biocleanse & 4 ProBio5 at bedtime. (I spit tested positive for candida.) So I really wanted to give some hope to other people with hypothyroidism some hope. It’s not a one in a million chance that it will work for you! Ahh! Here goes nothin’!


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Miranda says ~ I started Plexus in the beginning of May. Twenty-three pounds down and I feel great! One pink drink and two accelerators a day has changed my life forever



Lynda says ~ Throwback Thursday!!! To date I’m @ 162lbs. Down from 205!!!! From a size 16 to a 8!!! I am seven lbs away from my goal of 155….my high school weight!!!



Jaime says ~ These are some serious results!! Between my husband and I we have lost 96 pounds!

Wow! Just thought I’d share!

My husband has lost 32 pounds and I have lost 64!


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